Posted by: gdevi | June 10, 2015

Day 5

As expected, it was hard for the Institute participants to say goodbye — lots of hugs and tears. Lots of pictures. Such sweet smart young women. I told R’s mother who came to pick her up what an absolute delight R was to us for the last five days! Isn’t it a shame that the mainstream media of this great nation shows the most denigrating creepy images of women crawling over men and money, while most parents are blessed with truly smart, sweet, and intelligent young daughters who have nothing in common with these creepy representations of women in the media; young women good in their studies, with meaningful relationships, and a great future ahead of them. But this nation’s toxic media has no interest in them. Both men and women exploit women symbolically to denigrate women.  One must feed the market, I suppose. Go back to your campuses and communities, dear students; teach your friends and peers to live with dignity as women.

I dropped off the LHU students on campus around 4:30pm from where their rides will take them home. It is always hard for the institute participants to verbally articulate the lessons of the institute. I liked what one of the students wrote in a thank-you card for me:

“Dr. Devi:

There are no words to describe our experience at this institute. Thank you for being a mentor and someone we can turn to. You’ll never be able to understand how grateful we are for everything you have done for us, taught us, and shown us.


F.B, D.R, M.M.


You are welcome, students. You can dismiss 98% of everything you see right now in this world, because they are completely meaningless to what it means to live your life as a strong, courageous, ethical, and connected human being. Always pay attention to that thin 2% of people, places and things that makes life meaningful. Find them in their spaces; they might not be immediately visible to you, or call attention to themselves. But they are the ones worthy of your energy, drive, passion and life work.  The rest is just fluff and noise.


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