Posted by: gdevi | June 8, 2015

Day 3

Today we did the bell hooks book in the morning; very good discussion. The students did extremely well in addressing many of the points made by hooks, supplementing with their own examples. I have become very fond of some of these young women. Good job, everyone. Again, another incredibly delicious lunch-tacos this time–I ate everything except the beef. In the afternoon, we did our annual service project for Mckeever; it is very important for students to experience and learn the value of serving others.  This time, the students and the faculty lined and mulched one of the trails. Julie from Mckeever, an environmental guide, showed us the woodchip pile, and gave us wheelbarrows, spades, pitch forks and rakes. A group of students pitchforked the woodchips into the wheelbarrows. A chain of students plus Sara and I pushed the wheelbarrow to the trail and dumped the woodchip there. Another group of students then raked the woodchips about four inches deep all along the trail. We also went into the woods and picked fallen logs and lined the trail. It started raining when we began, so we continued our work in the rain. I tell you, the most heady, the most tantalizing smell to me is the smell of pine woodchips–ah, it just goes to your head and clears it up! What a heady scent, really! And the rain just made it even more awesome. Sara’s Fit Bit calculated how much we all walked up and down the trail doing the mulching. Our colleague, Kim, who teaches Chemistry came from Cal U of PA around 2:30 and she brought her sons with her–Max, who is 7, and Sam, 4 years old. Totally sweet little boys. Kim and the boys are staying with Sara and I at the Retreat Center till Wednesday. Max and Sam did everything with us. Around 3:15 pm, Julie offered to take us to see Lake Wilhelm. So we all followed Julie–it is a long hike. It rained the whole time. The trail was very primitive and rustic and the rain made it muddy. But we went anyway. It took us about an hour that way and about 45 mnts back this way. Lake Wilhelm is beautiful and looked blurry in the rain. Sara’s Fit Bit said that she did about 22, 000 steps today. We must all have done as much; that is about 9 miles of walking, roughly. Good job, everyone. Good job, Max and Sam! Have another piece of chocolate cake!

Dinner was awesome, again–ham (I passed on that), scalloped potatoes (totally delicious!), incredible green beans, cucumber salad, and chocolate cake. Irma, you are a divine cook! Marge and Irma–guardians of the Mckeever hearth!

Around 8pm, Sara and I got graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate and got the students and Kim and Max and Sam over to the big hall in the student dorm to make smores around the campfire. The big hall has a fireplace; we pretended that was the campfire. It was rainy and cold outside at the amphitheater where we would normally hold the campfire. So this worked out well. The students all enjoyed making smores. We came back around 9 pm. I am dead tired now. But a very good day of work, learning and recreation.


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