Posted by: gdevi | June 6, 2015

Day 1

I am at the beautiful McKeever Environmental Center in Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (we used to be PASSHE but we don’t use the acronym anymore) women’s consortium student institute; I have directed it for two years now in the summer. The Institute runs from today till Wednesday of next week. We have a wonderful group of twenty-four students here from ten of our fourteen campuses, plus my co-director Sara and I. Sara is a professor of Political Science at Shippensburg. I brought the three LHU students with me and we got here around noon today. The other students arrived soon after and after introductions and dinner the students are now doing a terrific activity making an image-text collage of feminist leadership. I love watching these young women; bright and full of life; very sweet. The dinner as usual, was awesome. Sara calls Marge the chief cook here at McKeever, “magnificent Marge,” a name well-earned. She is a totally awesome cook! The students loved the dinner. The students are staying in the rustic dorms, and Sara and I are staying at the Retreat Center; very good accommodations. We have a full day tomorrow. I love working at this Institute; I hope Dayani will get to attend something like this when she goes off to college. I hope you will, honey; you will make great friends for your lifetime. All these students that I meet from across the state system for these five days in June–they become my own students. Good discussion with the image/text collage, and then we showed them The Whale Rider. A good full day and now everyone is tired and off to bed. Be good with dad; see you Wednesday, honey.


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