Posted by: gdevi | June 5, 2015

John Cusack on Obama

You know, I have always liked John Cusack as an actor, and I have to say his comments on President Obama’s foreign policy being as bad or worse than Dubya Bush are equally spot on, to my ears. I cannot wait for the end of the Obama Presidency. I particularly cannot stand the White House Hollywood imbroglio nurtured by both Obama and even more so by Michelle Obama. It is just so so so awful. There are some things that a president or a president’s wife should never do; one of them is pandering to the entertainment industry. They both do that. It is awful. “The Way You Look Tonight.”

I think half the country now wants to run for the Republican nomination; it is funny!

Is there anyone who does not want to be on the GOP ticket?

It all makes you feel so tired, doesn’t it? It is so tiring paying attention to all of this.

On a lighter note, here is the story of a fake whale created by an Oregon fishing village to scare off sea lions. It is so presumptuous to assume that sealions cannot tell the difference between a fake and a real whale. Amazing!

I have to start teaching Summer 2 in a couple of weeks, I have four book reviews to write, plus I have a mountain of work to do for my grant. But I am taking a break today reading Elmore Leonard’s Road Dogs. What a writer. I want to write a book about Leonard before I die.


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