Posted by: gdevi | May 27, 2015

Inch by inch row by row

Today is the only day of this week when I don’t have to drive to one of the participating counties and do a focus group for the grant. So today I worked in the garden for about seven hours and got it all ready and planted all of the vegetables for this year: eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, swiss chard, different herbs, spinach and okra. I have to mulch them tomorrow, but a very productive day. I feel tired now, but a happy tired; it is so gratifying to see the vegetables and flowers thrive in a few weeks’ time. There is this old couple that I know–I mean I don’t really “know” them — we just talk about plants and our gardens–I think they are hard of hearing–sometimes they call me Diana–they are in their late eighties–very sweet couple–and every summer they are out there in their lovely little garden planting their vegetables and flowers. I love talking with them and their garden is just a joy to look at. I hope I will be able to garden till the day I die; the two pleasures of life — reading and gardening–let me keep them both, dear god, till the day I die, insha’allah.  Inch by inch row by row please bless these seeds I sow. swisschard

Daisy kept me company the whole time; you know, this might sound very bizarre, but sometimes I swear Daisy has human emotions. I think the turtle Sigrid does too. Sometimes the way Sigrid looks at me, I swear, it is with human recognition. Daisy and Sigrid both love me deeply, in a human way. It is just too bad that they can’t talk. Especially, with Sigrid; I have this feeling that she is trying to tell me something. Turtles make great pets. Sigrid was originally my daughter’s pet, but she has since lost interest, so Sigrid is now mine. I take care of pets that Dayani loses interest in. I have quite a menagerie. Daisybear

It is flooding in Texas but the weather in Pennsylvania is just perfect. The days are just perfect for working in the garden. I love this part of May; this is when all the perennials come back up from under. My sun garden has come back up so beautifully, but since they are perennials they don’t show the flowers until June. I will post pictures later. But all the plants have come back up so well–the beebalms, phlox, foxgloves, sweet woodruff, silver mound, salvia, daisies, coreopsis, yarrow, hostas, columbines, sedum. The dogwood has flowers now. Here are the first flowers–dogwood and salvia; I guess they are the second and third flowers–after forsythias. A beautiful day.dogwoodflowers. first flower salvia


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