Posted by: gdevi | May 25, 2015

Princeton-Days 2 and 3

Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24.

The Manalapan Memorial Day soccer tournament is held in the Manalapan recreational center soccer fields in Manalapan township, about a 35 minute drive from Princeton. The U15 girls played four games, and won three. There were over 450 teams participating and the recreational center and park must be over a 1000 acres. It was an excellent tournament. The STN-NorthPenn girls and boys — my daughter’s soccer club — played well. Proud of you, kids! There was a lot of driving back and forth between the hotel and the different fields, but the weather was conducive, though Saturday started out freezing. I actually wished I was back in my boots and socks!

On Saturday, when their two games were done, the Lucases and I took the girls to lunch to a little diner. The kids had pizza, and I had an eggplant parmigiana hot sub. It was absolutely delicious. Nice little Italian place in Manalapan. Then the Lucases and I took the girls to see Princeton university. There was lots of Ivy everywhere; a beautiful campus. Only 6-7% acceptance rate, kids, we told them. Get perfect SATs–2100! We stopped at an ice cream store right outside of Princeton; it was called Thomas Sweet Ice Cream; is that really your store name, I asked the girl making my root beer ice cream float. Yeah, it is, she said; I never thought about it before, she said with a puzzled look on her face. I had a root beer float with sweetcream ice cream–very delicious! We also stopped at a Princeton gift store, and the girls bought the t-shirt. It was an interesting gift store–it had terrible stickers on the walls that said things like “Your husband called and said you can buy anything you want.” It is meant to be funny, and, perhaps wives of rich men do laugh at such creepy things.

After the Princeton visit, we went back to the hotel, and Dayani and Callan went with the Akeleys and the Lucases to dinner; the headache/allergy medicine that I had taken sort of knocked me out, so I stayed in and slept it off at the hotel. I woke up around 8:30 and then got something to eat the hotel–rice and vegetables and egg cooked the Japanese way–it was soaked in soy sauce or something–it was salty–and then the STN-Penn parents all sat outside by the fire.; a nice fire pit, and some of the parents had some beer. I don’t drink.  I learned a new word–“remorial day” — and it came with a funny story. Apparently, before I got there, a very drunken woman had approached the STN table and asked one of the fathers about music or dancing or something like that. The parent sort of politely dismissed this drunken woman, and she went back to her husband–equally drunk–and told him that the parent was rude to her. So the drunken husband came over to where the STN parents were sitting and tried to pick a fight with the parent who had dismissed his drunken wife. The husband was as drunk as the wife and apparently he was swinging around and told our parent that he was there to celebrate “remorial day.”  In his inebriated state of mind, the drunk conflated “remember” and “memorial.” So there; now you know a new holiday specifically celebrated in New Jersey: remorial day.

The girls finished their final game at 3:30 on Sunday, and we left back for Pennsylvania right after. From Manalapan, the GPS directed me to get on the New Jersey Turnpike–totally space age! 4 lanes of total luxury driving — and the NJTP takes you to the Pennsylvania Turn Pike –and then on 476 North and 80 West to Lock Haven. The whole trip back and forth must have cost me altogether about thirty dollars at the toll booths. We got here shortly before 8 pm.

A good but hectic weekend. Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


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