Posted by: gdevi | May 18, 2015

Ferguson class action law suit

7pm update: Before you read the bad news, here is some very sweet news: a 94 year old man got his Bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University this weekend–he enrolled at WVU in 1939 when tuition was 50 dollars. He was drafted into WW2 soon after and then he had to care for his family when he got back. He just completed his degree this year. His daughter helped him go back to school and finish his degree. C’est la vie! What a sweet story, right?


Horrific report of a class action lawsuit against the city of Ferguson by the victims of its debtor’s prisons. It is like out a Charles Dickens novel. Here is an excerpt from May 2015 Harper’s magazine.  HarpersMagazine-2015-05-0085447

Harper’s has an EXCELLENT article by David Bromwich on Obama’s horrific presidency–I am one of the most bitter disillusioned ex-Obama supporters — Bush kidnapped and tortured those he didn’t like–Obama just kills them with drones. Very immoral man. Read Bromwich’s article, if you get a chance.

And, in creepy news stories–Bromwich discusses this as well– here is Common Dreams report on the creepy Victoria Nuland celebrating the Ukrainian coup with cakes in Kiev. Bravo!


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