Posted by: gdevi | May 12, 2015

The Sublime Mountains

After posting grades this morning, I went to ABC county to conduct the focus group at shelter X for my grant. It is a long drive–3 hours that way and three hours this way. Going to the shelter, I had to take US 11, a highway that I loathe with every ounce of my being. US 11 goes to Harrisburg, the capital of PA. It is bordered on one side with the beautiful Susquehanna river. The other side of the highway is punctuated every 8-10 miles or so by Adult Sex Stores. Several of them announce “Truckers Welcome.” Right. I am sure truckers have wives and kids too; our old friend R. drove trucks for a while after he retired–just to do something. It is so sickening to connect truckers with these sleazy holes. Eight in the morning, twelve in the afternoon, six in the evening, ten at night–whenever, you find run down cars–Fords, Kias, Saturns, SUVs-shoved into their parking lots.  And trucks. It brings up the bile. The entire highway is toxic to drive through and leaves you with the utmost repulsive feeling. All capital cities are tangibly corrupt; I guess it only makes sense that the roads that lead to them are dirty as well. Because I am working on the grant and I am doing all these interviews, I have to drive through US11 quite a bit, and each time I do, I long for the exit ramp.  One new prefabricated box of smut — I hesitate to call them buildings–you can put one of these up from a carton, I guess–had balloons flying in the front and said “Grand Opening. Giveaways.” Really? What? Two blow-up dolls for the price of one? What are you giving away that cannot be flushed down a toilet?  Another said: “This year we will have your memorial day memorable.” Sleazy smut-peddlers have such a high opinion of themselves.

The interview went fine. When I finish writing the report for the legislature, I will write a book, I am sure. This is such good work. On my drive back, the GPS directed me to take Route 74 North through the Cumberland, Perry and Juniata counties and through the Juniata nature preserve and the Blue Mountains. It was so incredibly beautiful; I did not know there were places this beautiful in Pennsylvania. Incredibly beautiful mountain roads with deep dark woods on either side, gorgeous valleys, farmhouses, grain elevators, quonsets, churches, small gas stations, fire stations, cattle grazing in the pastures, S curve roads. It was just so incredibly beautiful. Just awe-inspiring views.

I could not take a picture as I was driving, but the landscape reminded me of Van Gogh’s landscapes; it is all true.

Some pictures of the area that I found on the web. Thank you; I have linked to your pages.




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