Posted by: gdevi | April 14, 2015

Obituary: Percy Sledge (1940-2015)

Percy Sledge, who sang When a Man Loves a Woman has died. Read Guardian’s obituary here. I don’t know any other song by Percy Sledge, but I like this song. You know, I never listen to soul music and most R & B if I can help it–most songs sound like dishonest men pandering to lonely women and vice versa — the record companies must specifically make these songs for women left behind for whatever reasons — lonely women must be their fan base — they have nothing to give me. But I really like When a Man Loves a Woman–not because of the song per se — but because of how it is used in that great movie The Crying Game. This is the song that rolls over the title credits with Forrest Whitaker walking around the fair and carnival. And its use in that movie is totally subversive–because men are not men and women are not women in that movie. It is brilliant; I have often thought of making a scene like that.  Lyle Lovett then sings Stand by Your Man–another subversive song in that movie. Rest in peace, Percy Sledge.


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