Posted by: gdevi | April 11, 2015

Conference day #2

A wonderful day of presentations. Ah, it was wonderful. It was so so so lovely to see you all –Lydia, Kathryn, Sid, Beebe, Joan, Heather, Dawn, Marna, Lee, Margaret, April, Susan, Shirley–missed you, Renee. And new friends — Nancy, Megan, Peg, Saveena, Marta. What a great slate of presentations and discussions. My heart and mind feel full and complete and content. Ah, such a beautiful day; so much to learn and know. Thank you, all, my beloved friends. It was so interesting–I was in the main room of the conference, when I heard a woman call my name. I turned around; I did not know her. She walked up to me and she said, is that really your name? I said, yes. She said, you know I have been chanting the gayatri mantra everyday since 1999. That is great, I said. She was a very sweet person; she told me of going to Glastonbury goddess temple in 1999 and meeting this couple there who taught her the gayatri mantra and how she has chanted that mantra every day and how it has made her life so centered and content.  She said she had a traumatic accident once, and all the way in the ambulance and to the hospital, she kept chanting the gayatri mantra. It made her focus on her mind and she did not fall unconscious. She said later the surgeon asked her, what was that you kept repeating to yourself when we wheeled you in? It was very interesting; it was great to meet you, G. M. You take care. I hope our paths cross again.

I am so tired now; I have to wake up early Sunday and get to the airport and head back to LH tomorrow early. I get back late what with all the time difference and I teach early Monday morning. Sorry, honey, I couldn’t go anywhere or get any gift for you. We’ll come see Portland another time. I must note the wonderful breakfast I had at this Red Lion on the Jantzen Beach hotel–omelet with salmon. Totally awesome. And yesterday for dinner I had the most tender fried cod and fries. Totally awesome. The lunch today was great as well. It took months to put this conference together, but it was well worth it. Very good day. I am too tired to go down to the restaurant for dinner now. I just want to lie down.


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