Posted by: gdevi | April 10, 2015

Portland Day #1

I got here around 11:30 am–how could it be 11:30 am? –it should be 2:30 pm–it feels like 2:30pm to me. Anyway I got here at 11:30 am and then waited till 1pm for the hotel complimentary shuttle service. The conference hotel is Red Lion on Jantzen Beach. It is huge. It reminds me of the hotel in Stephen King’s Shining. My aunt is here as well from Montreal; we are sharing the room. I just took her to the restaurant in the hotel — she is hungry. I am going to stay in the room and finish my paper, and then it is the board meeting at 4pm and then Michael’s book talk at 7:30pm. I will go find something to eat in between.

I sat with a very interesting woman from Chicago–it was State College-Chicago-Portland. Very interesting person; coming to Portland for her father-in-law’s 101st birthday. Very interesting person; we had a lovely conversation. We talked mostly about her sons and my daughter; she sounded a lot like me. Her sons are both older now in their late 20s–she was slightly older than me–but how she was when they were young — she reminded me of myself as a mother. I was so glad to sit next to a sane person. I usually end up sitting with really insane people talking about tanquerays and conventions and bad jokes and this was such a relief! Thank you, Patricia, for your good company–I hope our paths will cross again somewhere–in Chicago or Pennsylvania.


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