Posted by: gdevi | April 9, 2015

Chinese Asia Railways — goose-pimples!

Ah, I get goose-pimples just thinking about it — an incredible network of trains that will run from India through Nepal and central Asia to China and Russia! Ah! Ah! Or the other way around–originating in China — since China is building it — but it will go everywhere. I have never wanted to live past my horoscope-allotted time limit — 62 years — I am 49 now and counting — but god I wish I could ride in this train before I die. I wanna see what Yuri Zhivago saw, and everyone else who loves to sit silently in a train and watch the world around them. Train going under Mount Everest–can you imagine anything more sublime than that? There is simply nothing more sublime than a train.  Build them quickly, dear Chinese railway people–I wanna take that train.


A beautiful rainy night here. It always happens this way. When there is way too much work, then I completely slow down. Which is what I did today.  I made a list of everything I need to do and it went to two pages. April is the cruelest month of the year–T. S. Eliot was right. Then I made rice, butter chicken, red bell pepper fry sort of thing, and I baked milk chocolate brownies for my daughter.  Now tonight before I go to bed, I have to finish the stuff for the IRB, and the gen ed subcommittee document. I am not going to do anything else. I will finish the conference paper on the plane tomorrow. I am very thankful to Clarence for taking care of all the tax stuff; Clarence Vetter is a very efficient CPA and used to do my taxes when I was in Grand Forks. Clarence has continued to do our taxes all these years, in Texas and Pennsylvania, and every year I send all the stuff to Clarence at the last possible minute. Clarence is incredibly helpful and finishes them all very quickly and efficiently. So that is one less thing to worry about; thank you, Clarence, so much. Now I have to finish cleaning the house, and do laundry. Then I have to pack–I have to leave at 4:30 in the morning to get to State College and catch the flight to Portland, Oregon for my women and mythology conference. I expect to feel completely disoriented in Portland, Oregon; I think I am squeamishly uncomfortable with pacific standard time. I don’t like pacific standard time. I don’t like traveling west. My internal body clock is set for the central or eastern time zone. My daughter is thrilled; K has to go to his conference near upstate New York tomorrow, and I have to go to Portland. So she gets to stay with her friend after school; thank you, Lisa and Kevin for letting her stay over. My student will stop over couple of times a day to feed and walk the doglings; thank you, Amanda. See you Sunday evening, honey; answer the phone when I call, okay?


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