Posted by: gdevi | March 24, 2015

Interview with Robert Duvall

You know, I absolutely love Robert Duvall, ever since I saw him in The Godfather and  Lonesome Dove. And To Kill a Mockingbird. And Tomorrow. And Tender Mercies is perhaps one of my favorite favorite movies. Ah, I just love that movie. It has such an atmosphere to it. It is a very quiet movie about simple, good people. Horton Foote wrote the screenplay. Great performances by Duvall, Tess Harper, and Allan Hubbard as the little boy, Sonny. I could see that movie over and over again. I see and hear all this trash about shitkicker women, as they say in Texas, and “come-here-little-girl”-men, in the name of country music, and I want to shake my head. Anyway, here is an interview with Duvall. What a great great actor!

Robert Duvall sings Wings of a Dove


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