Posted by: gdevi | February 8, 2015


On Saturday, yesterday, Nic, SueAnn, Lisette and I celebrated Christmas and new year–since I was in India and Lisette was in California, we are celebrating the season in February. Technically, new year lasts at least till March, I think. As usual, we made great food. SueAnn made her wonderful eggs baked in tomato salsa and roasted rosemary potatoes; Lisette made fruit and granola parfait and muffins; Nic made orange curd (from scratch! Go Martha Stewart!), and I made spinach and cheese pastries and chocolate and almond pastries. It was all very very very good, and we stuffed ourselves. Then we exchanged gifts–Nic, Lisette and SueAnn liked my gifts–the sandstone boxes from India, and the earrings. SueAnn especially liked the mortar and the pestle; I knew she was looking for one, so that worked out well. And Nic liked the Wuthering Heights and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein graphic novels that I picked up for her while in India. Yes, you have to tell me what you think. Lisette liked the cat paperweight; I thought you might like it. Thank you SueAnn for the lovely pajamas–you know my pajamas are almost 11 years old–I shop minimally for myself–so this will last me for the next 11 years if I live that long, and the “banned books” socks–I love them! Thank you, Lisette, for the Cat Stevens cd–I like the music of Cat Stevens a lot–the Dear Committee Members book by Schumacher–very funny, I started reading it last night; why are all English departments insane?–and the socks and lovely lovely silk scarf–you know I love scarves. And thank you for the AARP Bob Dylan magazine–going into my collection! Thank you, Nic, for all the socks–they are beautiful–you shouldn’t have bought me so many!–the magnetic clip board, the beautiful measuring cup, the fine tipped pen, and the gorgeous scarf! I love them all! What a totally awesome Christmas and new year! Thank you, my dear friends, for everything you give me.


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