Posted by: gdevi | January 29, 2015

AARP Interview with Bob Dylan

Read Bob Dylan’s intervew with the editor of the AARP magazine. It is so reassuring (and a totally “uncool” thing to do) that Bob Dylan would give an interview to the American Association of Retired Persons. It is so dispiriting to see older people not acting their age. Thank you, Bob Dylan, for acting your age; of course, you should give an interview to the AARP.  Scoot, Rolling Stones! Out of the way!

I look forward to hearing these songs. In general, I find it highly unlikely that I would listen to songs where the speaker in the song admits that he or she is  “your fool” or a “fool for you” etc. I don’t find such statements attractive or meaningful to my mind or aesthetic sensibility, in the least.  But I really look forward to Dylan’s take on these songs; I like his voice. I listened to all the songs linked at the Guardian site. I have to say I really do like the way Dylan sings now. The man has so much music in him.


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