Posted by: gdevi | January 8, 2015

Orthopedic shoe and not-orange orange candy

This morning I took mother to the PRS Hospital to see the diabetology folks. Your friend, Dr. Rajesh, in General Medicine was very very helpful, brother dear. He called and arranged for amma to meet the diabetology nutritionist and dietician, and Mrs. Mini walked amma through all kinds of good advice on the diabetic diet. Her fasting and non-fasting sugar are very high, though she does not need to go back to insulin shots. They also recommended that she wear the diabetic shoe. So I thought I would buy or order one for her before I left on Sunday. It was very interesting, amma and I were discussing this when we were in the rickshaw, and suddenly the rickshaw driver told us that he knew where the orthopedic shoe store was. So though at first I thought that I would take amma home and then go do all this stuff by myself, I told the rickshaw driver to take us to that orthopedic store. He was a very nice man–the orthopedic shoe store was quite a ways away from the hospital, but he took us there directly, and once when he thought he had lost the way, he went around and asked people and took us directly and safely to the store. We were lucky; they actually had a shoe in amma’s foot size and so the trip was successful. I bought her one pair; I wish I had bought two pairs; one for when this one wears out. Anyway, I gave an extra 15 rupees to the rickshaw driver when he brought us back home. He didn’t have to do anything for us, but what a kind man.

I went and did all the genetic testing kit thing that Krish had sent for his cousin this afternoon, and then visited my aunt and uncle and said my goodbyes. I was very happy this afternoon to find “naranga muttai” — these special candy that we used to like when we were kids–it had an orange flavor. I was very excited to eat it–but it tasted merely sweet and not orangish as it used to do. I don’t like sweets.


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