Posted by: gdevi | January 7, 2015

Book Mention and Misc.

A great start to the new year: the Chronicle of Higher Education has listed my Humor book under its Scholarly Books for the week. Scroll down to Film Studies.

I am trying to finish all the last minute things before I leave on Sunday. Sajitha, your parents came today and your mother brought me all kinds of tasty stuff to eat and take with me to LH. I had a good visit with Krish’s brother and sister yesterday. Aniyan mammen and ammayi got me all kinds of good Malayalam movies on DVD.  Tomorrow I take mother to the diabetes specialist, and Friday to the orthopedic surgeon. I am visiting Krish’s cousin, and my aunt, later tomorrow afternoon, and Friday after the orthopedic visit, we are invited to Asha’s house for lunch. I look forward to that — ammayi is such a great cook and will make all of my favorite dishes, I am sure! I got gifts for everyone today–got silver rings and bracelets for you, honey, shirts and handkerchiefs and books for dad, pretty little things for Nic, Lisette and SueAnn, and other friends back in LH. Most of all, I took the bus all day today wherever I went; it was just like it used to be. Last night was just beautiful–did you see the Wolf Moon last night, nation? Ah, it was just so so beautiful. I went to the terrace to bring back the dried clothes down and just stood there looking at that moon! I am going to miss you, my home!

Here is a full moon song, from 1957. I used to sing this all the time; my favorite memory is of singing this the night before Appu’s wedding. When I finished singing this song, my dear brother got up and came over to me and hugged me and kissed me on top of my head!

And another one for the moon–I absolutely love this song; I cannot think of a more romantic song. It is because it is in raag Pahadi--a very sweet, open skyward raga. I like Pahadi–coincidentally enough, there are many moon songs in Pahadi because of this openness, and how the notes ascend and descend in a complex way, as on a mountain terrain–pahad means mountain. Pahadi is the raga associated with the mountains.  For years, when I was a kid, I had a humongous crush on Raaj Kumar, who acts in this movie. My family thought I was insane.



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