Posted by: gdevi | December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

The last day of 2014 turned out to be a good day. In the morning, aniyan mammen took me to the Chottanikkara Devi temple. I could look at the Devi forever–what a beautiful powerful idol! I made a pushpanjali for you, honey. I prayed for everyone, at both the upper temple and the lower temple. A woman kept begging me for spare change; I had put all the loose change that I had in the kanikka at the temple and did not have any change with me. She was a good woman–she kept telling me–“you have come from far; you have only given, not taken; Devi will bless you.” I felt bad that I did not have money to give her, but I figured the goddess will take care of everything. After Chottanikkara, we went to Poornathraeesan temple. The shrine had closed for the morning when we got there, so we prayed from the outside.

Then, in the afternoon, after ammayi got back from the hospital, we went to Koratty to St. Mary’s holy shrine. Very beautiful church; it was amazing how the church has adapted our Hindu lamps within the church architecture and rituals. Ammayi had worked as a doctor at the nearby Devamata Hospital, named for the church; ammayi said that thirty some years ago, when they would get a complicated labor case at the hospital, the doctors and the nurses would all go to the church and pray for the patient. It worked each time. How about that? Ammai got me a picture of St. Mary, and I got a small silver crucifix and a gold crucifix–one for you, honey, my christian daughter, and one for me–and a small Mary’s icon charm for my bracelet. After church we visited ammini chechi and family–Bhadra is getting married in January. I will miss the wedding. We had a good visit. We stopped at my aunt Indirakutty chitta’s house on our way back–I love chitta totally and completely. When I was in Delhi in 1988-89, on weekends I would go from the university to the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare–JNU was in the same neighborhood–and my aunt was one of the faculty directors in community medicine there–and spend the weekend at their house in Alaknanda. It was such a wonderful time. After Murali uncle passed away, chitta came back to Kerala and is now teaching at the Medical College in Cochin. I felt so good after visiting her again today. Some people just go straight to your heart and stay there forever. Chitta is a person like that. I love her completely.

Ammayi, aniyan mammen and I joined everyone else in this development to welcome the new year around 9 this evening. Several families were there. Ammayi introduced me to everyone. We all ate together–paratha, chapathi, chicken, paneer, vegetable curry. Then we all sang. They made me sing two songs. Everyone sang–some for the first time. Since I was the non-resident, I took pictures for everyone. At midnight, Janury 1st, we cut the cake and welcomed 2015. The night sky was lit with firecrackers bursting in the night in splendorous patterns. It was very sweet–they all invited me to come back next year for new year and sing again! And next time to bring both dad and you, honey!

Happy New Year to everyone!


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