Posted by: gdevi | December 30, 2014

Day 13

I am at my uncle’s house in Tripunithra; I came back on the train with him after the family reunion, on the 27th. The family reunion was good; I did not know 75% of those who were there, so it was a chance to meet everyone. As required, I sang a song. after the festivities, aniyan mammen  and I came to Tripunithra by Madras Mail. Ammai had to leave early; she had to be at the hospital–she is an ob/gyn. Aniyan mammen and I listen to old songs in the morning when ammayi is at the hospital. After successfully delivering all the babies, ammayi comes home at 1pm. We eat the delicious lunch that ammayi has made. Then we watch wonderful movies. It is all good.

Today, I taught a class for the management students at SCMS College Cochin, where my brother-in-law, Krish’s brother, is a professor. Balu chettan asked me to teach a class on critical reading. I enjoyed teaching the students–there were about 90 or so students there. I told them all kinds of stuff. Apparently they liked it. Balu chettan called me just a while ago to tell me that the Dean said that the next time I visit I should teach a class on critical reading for the teachers!

Tomorrow, when ammayi comes back from the hospital, we are going to the Siva’s temple here, and the Koratthymuthy church in Koratty. Apparently, the St. Mary’s church in Korattymuthy is a holy place; ammayi visits there often. I look forward to the pilgrimages tomorrow. I will go back to Trivandrum and my parents’ house on Thursday.


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