Posted by: gdevi | December 22, 2014

Day 4

I had a lovely day today. I got to see two of my oldest friends and spend an evening with them. Jaya is visiting from Tanzania–she is a senior officer for a British Insurance company in Dar-es-Salaam–and Sheela is here in Trivandrum now. Jaya came over around 4pm, then we waited for Sheela to get off of work–she is now the Under Secretary of the Finance Department for the government. Sheela came over to my house and we had a wonderful time catching up on all the news from the last ten years. Later, Sheela took us over to her house and we met her sons; two fine young men, the older doing his BBA, and the younger in 8th grade. The younger son is very artistic; he showed us all of his drawings and art work. Now I know what to bring for them. He also has an extensive stamp and coin collection. I gave him a penny, a nickel, a dime, and a quarter. When I get back to  PA, I shall send him my stamp collection. Very sweet boys. I did not meet Sheela’s husband; he had to work late. I hope to meet him tomorrow. Sheela’s sons recommended this wonderful restaurant to have dinner–an Afghani place called Khana Khazana across from the Holy Angels Convent–the food was incredibly delicious. We ordered kebabs, biryani, kadhai dishes, and I ordered Malai Kofta and Naan–it was all incredibly delicious! It must be the Afghani signature, but the dishes had sliced pomegranates and cherries in them. Que sabrosa! Sheela then dropped us off–we first stopped at Jaya’s brother’s house where she is staying and I got to meet her son–when I met him twelve years ago he was a little boy–he is a proper young man now finishing his final year of Engineering. I met Jaya’s brother and his wife and children–and Jaya’s house–it looks different now–I still remember Jaya’s father sitting by the window on his easy chair smoking and reading. He was such a fine writer! A lovely evening. I showed everyone your soccer pictures, honey; they all asked for you. Dad and you would have loved the restaurant and the food.


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