Posted by: gdevi | December 18, 2014

Flight recovery sleep

I reached Trivandrum around 3:30 today morning. My sister-in-law’s brother, Prasad, met me at the airport and brought me home to my parents’ house. I felt bad for Prasad; waking up at 3 in the morning to pick me up, and then waiting at the airport for an hour and a half for the baggage claim to perk up. It is lovely to be back home. There is a nurse here 24 hours who takes care of my father–the lifting and carrying–which was hard for my mother to do; a polite (and strong!) young man. It is good to see my parents, and to catch up on all the news. It was also totally fortuitous but my cousins Manoj who is in England, and Mammu who is in Singapore are both visiting Trivandrum as well. They came over this afternoon to see me. It was lovely to visit with them. I have not seen Manoj for twenty some years–missed his wedding, the birth of his children–I was in Grand Forks at the time–so I saw pictures of his wife Beth, and his daughters Yamini and Mia. I had last seen Mammu when they visited us in Dallas in 2003 shortly before we moved to Pennsylvania. So I caught up on all the news with Mammu as well. And most importantly, I cannot believe this, but I ate a wonderful breakfast that mother had made, and I slept from 8 in the morning till 4 in the evening when Manoj and Mammu came over to visit. It must be a sign of aging, but I used to be one of those people who never suffered from jet lag. I was like a bird; I could fly for hours at a time–the standard Atlantic route to India is between 19 to 21 hours– and be perfectly fine upon landing. But today, I just slept and slept and slept. It was incredible. I was like a bird in postflight recovery sleep. My brain is fine now. In between my mother tells me that some guy from some television company apparently came to my room to install a new television and apparently he used some sort of power tool with a loud drilling noise to mount the television on the wall. I did not hear a thing. In the evening, after Manoj and Mammu left, I went to Spencer’s and picked up a few things that I needed. Thank you, brother dear, the internet works; everything works. I found the voltage adapters as well. My mother has made all kinds of wonderful things for me to eat; I smell tiny sardines fried with chillies and onion! Ah, heaven! I miss you, my darling poochkin. I hope you and dad are enjoying all the movies. Talk to you later.


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