Posted by: gdevi | December 16, 2014

Transit day 1

I left Lock Haven around 5:30 this morning and got to the Port Authority around noon. I took the airport shuttle from the Port Authority to JFK and got here around 2pm. The traffic between 42nd St and JFK was unbelievable. Just unbelievable. Traffic on either side was backed up for miles and miles. My salutations to folks who live and work under such circumstances. Unbelievable. I would want to move to Siberia.

When I was waiting for the shuttle in front of the Port Authority, I saw this shish kebab vendor, and what happened to me was similar to what happened to Marcel when he tasted the Madeleine cookies in A la Recherche du Temps Perdu. I am not in India yet, but it felt like I was back in India. Isn’t it amazing how the memory of particular scents has the power to annihilate your present surroundings and recreate something completely anew? Amazing. It is so visceral. Proust was right; conscious memory, all this trying to remember, just resuscitates a corpse. Involuntary memory is the surest sign of life.

I already miss you, my darling poochkin, my Marcel’s Madeleine. Be good with dad; help him with things. Do your homework; eat lots; watch lots of movies. I hope you and dad like the gifts I left for you. Remember to check the stockings for treats for Daisy and Jesse. Email me for anything. Love and kisses, mama.

7pm update.

I finished security a while ago–police everywhere, and a very very cute black bomb-sniffing black lab from the K-9 unit–he reminded me so much of you, Jesse. Very cute dog. I wish I had a k-9 dog myself.  I got a mushroom burger from Shake Shack — deep fried portabello mushroom, muenster cheese, tomato, lettuce, and some sort of tasty sauce, and some cheese fries. Ah, heaven! All this fried food!

Honey, I loved your essay on Manzanar; email me the revised draft before I board at 10pm, okay? And follow all the assignment rubric directions from Mr. H. Emirates boards at 10pm–we take off at 11pm. After that, I won’t be able to give you any feedback. And I don’t know if I will have internet at the Dubai airport. If not, I will talk with you when I reach sri ammumma’s house on December 18th. Once we leave JFK, I will be falling into a timewarp in relation to your coordinates. I love you and I miss you very much. Hugs and kisses. Love you Mama.

All that butchery in Pakistan; I have been seeing that on TV all evening. I hope the entire Islamic world will finally speak up and condemn this senseless butchery.



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