Posted by: gdevi | December 12, 2014

Cue the violin

Daisy is barking very very very loudly. My daughter’s friend is here to spend the weekend. They are listening to an incomprehensible rap song very loudly up in her room. Daisy is standing outside their door and barking; she wants to join them. They are ignoring her. I shudder and run down the stairs very quickly to the kitchen. K is blasting White Stripes albums in the basement. The turtle is thankfully silent. I am actually a Jack White fan. I love his costumes and his general look. He reminds me of Alex in Clockwork Orange. And I love his voice and I think he is funny. I like the albums K keeps playing–Blunderbuss and Lazaretto. I love the album names–solid nominal phrases.

I think the whole world is overjoyed because today was the last day of finals. Now I just have to finish grading the 280 exam, the 405 exam, the 280 research papers, the Japanese lit final papers, post final grades, and write the two IRB applications, and wrap D’s christmas gifts in the next three days. I am leaving for India on December 16th to visit my ailing parents. I will miss you, honey; but you do understand that I have to go see Sri ammumma and KK appuppan, right? I hope when I am infirm and in  my deathbed, you will come and visit me as well, if I wish to see you.

So, in this cacophony of incomprehensible rap, Jack White, Daisy’s angst and the turtle silence, I am listening to Papa John Creach play his violin. I love his violin playing. I was doing some research on the trope of the bumble bee in old black music–bumble bee let me sting you etc–a sexual allusion–and I was listening to many versions of the bumble bee blues and I must say my favorite one is Papa John Creach’s. I always loved Jefferson Airplane, but I like his solo records as well. Very beautiful. Violin sounds so good in rock music. What a total song!! I would have loved to have seen him in concert.


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