Posted by: gdevi | December 5, 2014

End of the semester

It is unbelievable really, but today was the last day of class. Next week is finals and then the spring semester starts on the 23rd of January. Unbelievable semester. Work increases exponentially with work completed. But my students were all so sweet. It was like one big symbolic group hug–Dr. Devi, we’ll miss you; I am graduating and I won’t get to take a class with you again and other sweet comments. I love these kids. As soon as class was over I came back home and put up the Christmas tree. My daughter has been asking me for it for weeks now. Sometimes I feel bad for her; poor thing, she sees her friends with mothers with free time do all these things as the calendar changes, and she sees me grade grade grade and work work work. I am one of those people whose life is defined by work. I have always worked. That is who I am, honey, I tell her; I have always worked. That is my karma. My sweet daughter gives me a hug and a kiss. She has what she calls these “chats” with me just before she goes to sleep at night and a couple of days ago, she was telling me about the latest adolescent hormonal aberrations at the high school amongst the boys and the girls, and she finished it by saying, quite unexpectedly, “But you know, I am a Christian and I pray to Jesus, but I would never think that I could do these kinds of horrible things and Jesus will take care of me.” I was quite taken aback. Are you a Christian, honey? I asked her. Yes, I am, she said. But technically we are Hindus, I told her, even though we don’t practice anything.  I can’t even pronounce the names of the Hindu gods, she told me. What is it? Hashipashi? She asked me. I started laughing. That is okay, I told her. You can be a Christian; he was a good man, Jesus. Feel free to be a Christian, and not a Hashipashi, I told her. Oh, my darling, you crack me up!



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