Posted by: gdevi | December 4, 2014

Great News

Great news: over summer I and my colleagues at LHU’s HOPE Center had applied for a Center for Rural Pennsylvania grant to study the barriers to the delivery of domestic violence services in rural counties in the state. It was a competitive grant and comes with substantial grant money. I am the principal researcher for the grant, and the Center for Rural Pennsylvania just notified me that we won the grant!!! Yey! I am so so so completely happy! This is such important work. I want to thank all the offices in Harrisburg and across the state that gave me unqualified support to write the grant proposal: Mary Jane Eisenberg of CCWC, PCADV, PCCD, Clinton county Commissioners Office, Lock Haven District Attorney’s office, Lock Haven Police Chief’s office, and the 23 PCADV funded domestic violence shelters who have given me unqualified support to participate in the study. Thank you, dear people. Thank you. Now all of the work begins. We have one year to finish the study. I hope we will be able to present you with solid findings and recommendations to improve the lives of men, women and children in the rural counties of the state.


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