Posted by: gdevi | December 2, 2014

Synthetic Drugs

I saw this on CNN; so diabolical. Apparently, “they” manufacture drugs that are classified as controlled substances in the US with slight chemical alterations overseas, label them”for research purposes,” and export them in bulk to the US. It is like the plain brown wrapper for deadly drugs. Here they are sold by white collar criminals to underage kids. CNN is going to do their show on it tonight. Talk to your kids and tell them categorically that drugs do not solve anything. They create more problems.

8pm Tea update.

My student, Lona, who is a big Poe fan gave me a packet of tea called Poe’s Midnight Blend tea. Since it is so dreadful outside–rain snow sleet blah blah blah–I made myself a cup just a while ago, and I must say, this is one incredible tea. Thanks, Lona. The whole kitchen smells so lovely–licorice, nutmeg, anise, caraway (maybe?) –I can distinctly taste all of the above. Really, it is wonderful tea. I drink tea black with honey. It tastes wonderful. I don’t know how it would taste with lemon or milk; I don’t like either combination. I mean I like milk with tea, but only if I make it the way we make tea in India — boiled milk and boiled tea leaves with cardamom.  So I have not tried those combinations. But with honey this tea tastes just wonderful. And I can’t tell if the lingering aftertaste comes from the anise or the licorice–ah, it is so so good. Thanks again. This will definitely sweeten my night as I sit and grade the one millionth essay! Tea and coffee! What heavenly drinks! I think I will listen to Queens’s A Winter’s Tale – it is this tea, I tell you!


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