Posted by: gdevi | November 18, 2014

A good day

I am at this beautiful bed and breakfast in Clarion, Pa; the Women’s Studies department at Clarion University invited me to give a talk for their speaker series and it was this evening at 7pm at the Hart Chapel. I left right after my 12:15 class and got here around 3pm.  A wonderful event, and the faculty and students were so wonderful. Clarion invited Cindy from Slippery Rock and I to open their 2014-15 speaker series. The whole thing was wonderful; Kathleen, the WGS director and Meg, the student intern are both wonderful human beings–great dinner before the talk, good discussion, and Kathleen drove Cindy and I over to the campus and brought us back to this bed and breakfast. This is a beautiful house. And what do you know; the owner Judy tells me that they have visited India twice and will be visiting again. They have friends in Calcutta. They have not visited south, in Kerala, but they would like to, next time around. Let me know; I told her.  What are the chances, really? Apparently, the breakfast here is wonderful as well; I will miss it. I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow morning and drive back to Lock Haven for my class; it is a 2 hour drive due east. It is not snowing in Lock Haven, but it is snowing here. I forgot to pack my snow boots; I have regular shoes; why didn’t I check the weather in Clarion? I don’t know. Hope your honors banquet went well, honey; I hope you and dad had fun. See you tomorrow. Love you, mama.


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