Posted by: gdevi | October 17, 2014

Conference Day 1

I listened to some great papers today and met some great folks. Totally wonderful research on gender transitions, ecological transitions and inter-species relationships. Totally awesome research; I hope to review Colin Johnson’s book on rural America and Queer Theory. We had a wonderful discussion about Freud’s theory of “the uncanny” and Masahiro Mori’s adaptation of that in the theory of “the valley of the uncanny.”   I hope to invite Colin to LHU if things work out. The conference also screened Lily Yeh’s film The Barefoot Artist--what a fantastic film. After the film, Lily gave the keynote and I bought her book Awakening Creativity. What a wonderful human being; I had a lovely conversation with her.  I hope to see Lily in Philly and perhaps bring her to LHU, if things can be worked out. My dream would be to invite Lydia Ruyle, Lily Yeh, Laura Fragua-Cota and Karen Goulet to come to LHU and talk to the students about the work that they do. I hope I will get to do that before I die. It is so beautiful and meaningful to become a true “Elder” to young men and women. Karen Goulet has an exhibition of her work “Blanket Statement” here – the blankets made by her tribe at the White Earth Ojibwe nation. Very beautiful work; what a beautiful artist. I invited Karen to our Oregon conference next year for my women and mythology group. I hope she can make it.

It became sort of chilly towards the evening here, but this is a nice campus, and fall colors are out, so the walk back to the hotel was pleasant. There is an authentic fine Mexican restaurant right next to this Best Western. I am going to get something for supper from there; one should always check out fine authentic Mexican food when you are in the midwest.

Supper update: The fine authentic Mexican restaurant Mariachi Loco serves good Mexican food for the price and the location; not very spicy like Tex Mex but it is okay. I had the camarones rancheros–it was good. In Dallas, even the Chinese restaurants had Mexican cooks. So the world of fine authentic cuisines is topsy-turvy. After supper, I went for a walk for some fresh air. I went to the Family Fresh grocery store and got some lozenges–Luden’s wild cherry, my favorite.


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