Posted by: gdevi | October 3, 2014

From Baghdad to the Bakken

I felt incredibly incredibly destroyed inside when I read this article about the nexus between the military, the defense industry, the fracking industry, and my alma mater, the University of North Dakota. Oh, I feel destroyed inside. Is this how you want to live? Is this what life means to you? Is this what you want? Is this how you want to make money? Oh, I feel destroyed.

I was thinking, do any of us look at our children or our husbands or wives and tell them to go work in the oil industry and make more money? I don’t know. I don’t think I ever will. The fracking industry is the biggest sign of a failed capitalist economy. The government has done nothing to create positive jobs for our young men and women. Instead they sit idly by and watch them get wounded and maimed while making money and ostensibly earning a livelihood.  In some ways, it is either the military or the fracking industry. Isn’t there a cleaner way to create a job market for our young men and women? In every other part of the world, parents try to get their children away from these sorts of jobs, and help them find another less destructive path to earn a livelihood. It is just heartbreaking that in the western world, even with so many more resources, better resources, this type of destructive job market has become the easy way out for irresponsible governments. How utterly sad. Texas, Pennsylvania, North Dakota. I have always liked this song–Long Long Way to the Top of the World — I sometimes hear it on the public radio sung by someone called Rainer something — some sort of a Eastern European name — Czech maybe?– anyway I can’t remember his last name, but he has a beautiful voice, and to me, reading this article made me think of that song. I tried to find it on YouTube but since I don’t know the musician’s name I could only find this cover version. It is pretty good as well. It is a wonderful song to sing.


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