Posted by: gdevi | October 2, 2014

Arab Noirs

Another noir-family that I should read upon – Arab neo-noir set in Cairo and Baghdad. If I didn’t have all of this work to do — good lord I have so much work to do and I have slept so little in the past few weeks — it is unbelievable — work increases exponentially to completed work — if I didn’t have all this work to do, I would like to read all these books and write a book about Arab noirs. What a totally sweet thought! That will be my next project after the humor book comes out.

I miss Dallas whenever I think of Egypt. Dallas had such fantastic Egyptian or Middle Eastern restaurants! You could watch belly dance and eat great incredible food! Oy! Some day some day I am going to spend a long long time in Cairo! Some day!  I completely get the Paul McCartney song “I owe it all to you” — it is an Egyptian state of mind. I have it. “Oh I owe it all to you. You make me happy.” In my next birth, I want to be born in Egypt or New Orleans, preferably as a chef with a big garden.



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