Posted by: gdevi | August 27, 2014

Bullets and Burgers

Read the story of the 9 year old girl in Arizona at the Bullets and Burgers shooting range who shot the [Israeli] Uzi automatic gun and killed her shooting instructor in the process here and here.

Apparently the family traveled all the way from New Jersey to Arizona to bond at Bullets and Burgers. What better way to associate a fun activity in your child’s brain than to cross-wire guns with burgers and fries and chocolate shakes? So they did. The recoil of the Uzi was so powerful that the gun tipped backwards and shot the instructor standing behind the girl instructing her how to shoot, shot him in the head, and killed him. The girl was too slight to handle the recoil and weight of the gun.

In Arizona, they are treating the killing as an “industrial accident,” and Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating it. Hey, some people get their legs chopped off in lumber yards. Some people have the vending machines fall on them. And at Bullets and Burgers, 9 year old shooters might kill their instructors who are teaching them how to shoot Uzis. It is all part of a day’s work.

They have age and weight restrictions to ride on roller coasters in fairgrounds. But apparently all such restrictions are off at Bullets and Burgers. Don’t be shy. Roll that baby carriage right in!

What an obscene culture; giving Uzis to nine year old kids.

But, of course, since according to the NRA, “guns don’t kill people; people kill people,” they will have to hold the nine year old girl accountable for the killing of the instructor. That is the only way in which they can continue to justify the senseless gun culture.  It is not the Uzi that killed the guy; it is the weightless nine year old girl.

Also, according to the NRA, since more guns will make everyone feel more safe, NRA should issue a mandate that henceforth, all shooting instructors will  also be armed. Because if the instructor was armed, he could have shot the nine year old when she shot him. More guns make everyone safe. Peace to the world.

And, of course, the bottom-line, according to the NRA, is that the sooner you start teaching your kids about guns, and how to be responsible with guns, the better the world will be. We can all sleep in peace if we start shooting guns very early on in our lives. Nine years is too late. Nine years is like a grandma as far as Uzis are concerned. They should have taken the kid to Bullets and Burgers when she was three years old. Nine is just too late to learn how to shoot an Uzi. Put that Uzi in little Suzy’s hands when she learns to say “I love doggie.”

What a sickening gun culture.


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