Posted by: gdevi | July 17, 2014

Girl and Pony

A beautiful short video of a little girl playing with an orphaned pony. When you watch the little girl and the pony, it feels like they both come from the same mother, horse or human. It doesn’t feel like they are two species at all. The pony is so very gentle with the little girl. It is incredibly beautiful. Two things become evident in this video. 1. you don’t need to “train” animals with violence etc. If you teach children to work with animals when they are both developmentally at more or less the same age, then the animal will “train” and bond with you naturally. 2. Children and horses need love and attention from anyone who cares for them the right away. I don’t mean the attention of creepy people who hurt children.  It can even be from another species. This whole mystification of parenthood and I-love-my-children kind of talk is fictitious. It is a myth made to service family as an economic unit. This was evident to me when I taught a class at an orphanage in Trivandrum a few years ago. Those teachers who ran that orphanage loved those children. They were very sweet happy children. They were not orphans at all.

Have a wonderful time in LA and San Francisco, honey, with dad, appachi, chittappan and your cousins! K and D are going to CA for two weeks; my sister-in-law and family are visiting from the UK. One week in LA and one week in SFO. I am finishing up summer 2 teaching, plus, I cannot leave my plants. And there are the doglings, the fish and the turtle. See, I am a farmer at heart. I cannot go anywhere. See you in two weeks!


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