Posted by: gdevi | July 6, 2014

Dream 2345

In my dream last night, kochumon mammen, my uncle who passed away a couple of years ago, was alive and with us in my parents’ house in Trivandrum. He was laughing and talking like he does in his mixture of seriousness and understated levity. I don’t remember anything more, except his face, and the fact that it was a dream of enormous well-being, the way we used to feel when we were kids at his house. Later in my dream, my mother asked me to take a wicker basket of black earth outside and toss it; it was something that was not needed. I took the basket outside, and set it outside the kitchen. When I looked closely into the black earth, I started to see small white bodies moving and raising themselves up from amongst the soil. They were puppies. All of a sudden, there were many small white puppies shouldering themselves out of the black soil. I kept thinking in my dream, are they hatching from eggs? Where are they being born from in the black earth? As I watched, the puppies started to grow, and they became two or three months old. They were beautiful and smiled like human beings. I don’t remember anything else.

According to dream lore, dreams of dead people are indicative of the fact that you yourself might be moving closer to your own death. Dream lores also tell you that the emotion of the dream signals the aura of your own death. I think I will die a peaceful happy death. The fact that I dreamed such a beautiful dream about kochumon mammen, and then saw the beautiful puppies being born from the black earth signal my death and my afterlife in beautiful metaphors. I hope my death will be as it was in my dream.


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