Posted by: gdevi | June 20, 2014

An altar to the sun

I am in Lewes, Delaware, for the summer meeting for my women and mythology group. This year the board decided to meet on solstice and also at Beebe’s house in Lewes. It is about 5 hours south of LH, but outside of Philly, 1-95 S was shut down and the traffic went through an interminable detour through Wilmington–lost some time–so it was more like a 7 hour drive. I got to Beebe’s around 7 yesterday. Lewes is right on the coast and Beebe’s house is 100 yards from the beach.  Dad and you will both like this place, my waterbaby; we should visit again. Beebe grew up in this house; it is an old beautiful beautiful house. (The entire town is filled with Beebe’s family name for various buildings and streets because of the hospital!) Everyone is here — Beebe, Sid, Margaret, Kelly, April, and the two Heathers, and Jennifer, Skip and Betsy are coming today. What was just glorious was this morning waking up to hundreds of birds singing outside my window! Ah! The sun rose promptly at 5 am. So did I!

Today we have much work, but we are going to make an altar to the sun to celebrate solstice, which is this saturday. Actually, the whole world is an altar to the sun always. In Sanskrit, one of the many names of the sun is “sarvasakshi.” “Sarva” means “all,” and “sakshi,” means “witness.” Sun is the Eternal Witness. The whole world is imbued with its energy. I brought with me one of Lydia’s banners — Mother Sun — and some clay lamps that I have from India for the altar, plus your little sun sculpture you gave me for my garden, Lisette. All of that is going on the altar.  In Altaic languages, Sun is a female goddess–Ene–Mother Sun — the goddess of Marriage.

I think I will take a quick walk to the beach before the day gets started. Happy Solstice, everyone!

Here is a picture of a rainbow from yesterday evening.  Beebe took it. She called it “Gayatri arrives with rainbow.” Funny!

Gayatri arrives with rainbow







Monday, June 23.

I came back home yesterday. We had a real productive visit, and a lovely solstice celebration to top it off on Saturday. Here are a couple of pictures of the altar we made for the solstice. Lydia, we missed you. (And Anne, Dawn, Lee, Renee, Joan, Kathryn, and Patricia.) But you were there in spirit and in your banner. It was lovely to stay with you all!  Thank you for the great conversation, food, and friendship. Love, Gayatri.







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