Posted by: gdevi | June 2, 2014

Black Bear and Poolside

I was going to the grocery store around 10:45 at night–as usual my daughter needs to take flan to her Spanish class tomorrow and we started only at 10pm and we ran out of milk. I took Lusk Run even though stretches of that road do not have electric lights; it is the quicker route to the grocery store. Somewhere halfway across, I was able to stop just in time–a huge black bear walked across the road from the woods on one side to the woods on the other side. He walked very slowly. They do look so fluffy. It was incredible. I am so thankful that I did not hit the bear; I would have been devastated if I did. Thank god.

I got the milk and made twenty little thingies of flan for my daughter to take to class tomorrow. But I should tell you that the store was playing a strange song when I was there. The words sounded familiar to me: “we could dream this night away  . . . but there’s a full moon rising . . .”etc. But the music was all weird. It was like a creepy disco song. So I went over to the girl at the counter and asked her–“will you tell me who is singing this song”? The girl was very excited. She took some gizmo and pointed it at the speakers–it is all space age technology–and told me, “The name of the artist is Poolside. The song is Harvest Moon.” I thanked her and went to the dairy section. Poolside? Harvest Moon? I thought it was a Neil Young song. My God. I hope Poolside runs into that Black Bear on a moonless night if they ever come to Pennsylvania.


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