Posted by: gdevi | June 2, 2014

A Lovely Day

Today Nic, Lisette, SueAnn and I celebrated our birthdays; it might be months off or later or whatever, but we always celebrate our birthdays. We celebrated Lisette’s and mine today. Nic and SueAnn made the food–Nic made delicious pasta with beans, asparagus, broccoli and tomato plus rolls, and SueAnn made salad and dessert–my favorite, the magnificent tres leches cake. When I was in Dallas, I used to teach at this small English language school run for immigrants by this Presbytarian church–the women in the church were my friends–and so I used to teach for them, whenever I could. Anyway, the Hispanic women who attended that school were totally sweet. They used to make food for me without lard, which is indispensable in Mexican cooking. They would bring me tamales, tacos, burritos and so on, and tell me, Senora, no lard. It was very sweet. When I was pregnant with my daughter, they made me tres leches cake–the cake made with three kinds of milk–regular milk or heavy cream, evaporated milk, and condensed milk all soaked into a cake. It is the ultimate dessert, really. So SueAnn made that today, but with her own twist of coconut topping instead of whipped cream. Delicious! We had a lovely day. I am always surprised at the totally sweet things you gift me, SueAnn, Nic and Lisette. Nic got me this beautiful watch with some sort of handwoven leather strap–it is gorgeous–I lost my watch in San Francisco and had decided not to buy another one–and a handwoven woolen bookbag from National Geographic  and signature name cards from Levenger. You are incredibly wonderful and kind, Nic! These are all things I would never buy for myself. So thank you so much. Lisette gave me  more daffodil bulbs to plant for next year, and a beautiful metal tree of life sculpture for my garden—so many of my gardening things are from you, Lisette! There is so much of you in my garden! — a beautiful pottery oil burner lamp–I thought of my mother when I saw this–and lovely sandals–much needed–mine looks like the map of India with Daisy chewing parts of it–and a beautiful pottery butter dish with this teal glaze. All incredibly beautiful! You are too kind and I love them all! SueAnn gave me a beautiful flower pot made from a vinyl record–it is a vinyl record that is melted and turned into a flower pot–Martha Stewart on steroids!–and beautiful! The vinyl is all old standards. Who knew they would melt and shape so well? Anyway, they make lovely flowerpots. It even has that hole in the middle for water to drain! Nation, don’t throw away the vinyls; turn them into flowerpots! SueAnn also gave me a small pot with lavender that she had germinated for me to plant in it. Thanks, S. I totally love it.  SueAnn also gave me a historical novel based on St. Hilda of Whitby; apparently she was a remarkable woman even before the Synod of Whitby. And I love the pink T-shirt! I look forward to reading the book and using my new flower-pot! Thanks, S, N and L for this lovely birthday. I am glad you liked the gifts I got you, Lisette. Happy Birthday to you!

Jacob came over to SueAnn’s as well, where we all met. Jacob kept going from hand to hand. He is totally adorable. Jacob and Aunt G. (as Nic and Michael have christened me) had a great time. He is all of eight and a half months old now, and scrumptious like the tres leches cake.  When we were sitting on the steps, he tried to balance himself on my shoulders and stand up. Photo opportunity! All of us must have taken hundreds of photos of you, Jacob! We, English teachers, love children!


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