Posted by: gdevi | May 28, 2014

“Shouldering their Way Up”

Remember that Robert Frost poem, Putting in the Seed? About the seedlings  with arched backs that shoulder their way up shedding earth crumbs? It was a beautiful day here today–or at least the kind of day that I think is beautiful. It rained all morning. Then scorching heat from about noon till 8. When I looked at my morning glories this morning, they had not sprouted. And after the intense sun this afternoon, see how they look? All of them–the morning glories, the beans, and the spinach they arched their backs and shouldered straight up shedding earth crumbs.  I was inside. But I wish that I had a time lapse camera that could have captured this shouldering. It is like giving birth. I do not wish to be anyone other than myself, but, sometimes, like now, for instance, I wish I was a seed shouldering my way up from my subterranean soil womb. I love you, my plants!

beansmorning glorymorning glory1



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