Posted by: gdevi | May 18, 2014

“Green Thoughts”

Today, I planted my vegetable garden. First, I cleaned the whole thing, then tilled it with my cultivator. Then I moved 8 forty pound bags of peat humus and compost from my car to the backyard to mix with the soil in my vegetable bed. It was incredible. Then I tilled it again and mixed everything in well. The soil here has clay in it–so it needs this peat humus treatment every year. This is what I planted today:

swiss chard

tomatoes (cherry and regular)

egg plant

zucchini squash

jalapeno, cayenne, bell and hungarian wax peppers



I sat down and planted everything. I did not use gloves. I planted everything in rows. They look beautiful.

Then I moved 2 forty pound bags of mulch from my car to the backyard. It was incredible. I mulched the whole thing. When I was moving mulch from the wheelbarrow to my bed, my jeans got caught on the chickenwire around the bed and I fell backwards missing the handle of the wheelbarrow by an inch (the bed is raised about 7 inches or so from the ground), and just falling flat on the grass next to the lilac. It was incredible. An inch on the wrong side, and I probably would be in eye surgery right about now. Amazing.

I started around 11 this morning and I was done with everything, including completely cleaning all three garages by around 7 this evening. My hands are caked with dirt. And every bone in my body hurts. But I look forward to my vegetables. I feel so happy that all my vegetables are in the ground. But this physical pain is something else; I hope I didn’t crack a rib or something when I fell down. I took some ibuprofen; that should take care of it, I would think.  I wish I could get a hot stone massage or something. Time to use the gift certificate SueAnn gave me.

Anyway, I am completely tired, family, so who wants Kung Pao chicken (or is it Golden Dragon? God, where do they come up with these names?) tonight from the Chinese take-out? I am thinking of the baked salmon myself.

I should also note that after years of turning compost manually, I finally bought a tumbling composter from Lowe’s. It promises all kinds of incredible composting benefits. I am going to put it up tomorrow and transfer all the compost from the earth bin to this one. Take that, bear!

Tomorrow, to continue planting the herbs and repotting the containers. Then Tuesday, to clean out my perennial bed. Wednesday, I will probably be dead. But I will have a beautiful garden to be buried in.


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