Posted by: gdevi | May 14, 2014

Full Moon and Empty Arms

Apparently, Bob Dylan has posted a new song at his website, Full Moon and Empty Arms. (I don’t like Frank Sinatra’s singing at all–it sounds like cardboard to me. And I don’t like the whole new genre of folks who sing like they are singing in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s whatever. Why? It is just not true. You must sing in the present.) But, god, how beautifully Bob Dylan sings. Timeless. Dylan just gets better and better and better; backwards, forwards, sideways, whatever–like the great composers, Dylan has become a classic. I feel so happy just listening to Bob Dylan sing. I must learn how to sing and play this on the piano! Isn’t that a dream!!! Beautiful! Such sweeping emotional power! It is very Russian!

Here is S. Rachmaninoff’s piano concerto on which the song is based played by Rachmaninoff himself. Totally awesome, isn’t it? I cannot list the number of Hindi film songs from the fifties and sixties that owe their existence to Rachmaninoff! This piano concerto, the main melody, is the soundtrack of David Lean’s Brief Encounter, a very beautiful film. The 1974 remake with Sophia Loren and Richard Burton did not work for me; different score too. But I really love Ulu Grosbard’s adaptation of Lean’s film, Falling in Love. It is a very beautiful movie.

Here is Van Cliburn playing the concerto. What a great pianist!


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