Posted by: gdevi | May 8, 2014


Such efficient Chinese pups.

Dayani, I wish you would do this, honey. Just look at them. Left right left right left right. They even say grace. As Dorothy Parker once observed about Holstein cows–she was reviewing some vapid thing in her usual deadly fashion and the book went on and on about how wonderful the Holstein cows are, and Parker said:

Happiness concludes with a pretty tribute to what the Professor calls the American cow. The cow, he points out, does not have to brush her teeth, bob her hair, select garments, light her fire and cook her food. She is not passionate about the income tax or the League of Nations; she has none of the thoughts that inflict distress and torture. “I have observed many cows,” says the Professor, in an interesting glimpse of autobiography, “and there is in their beautiful eyes no perplexity; they are never even bored.” He paints a picture so sweet, so placid, so carefree an existence, that you could curse your parents for not being Holsteins.”

Videos like this make you wish that your children were Chinese poodles.


1pm update.

My last final is over. Could this be true, she asks?

Ah, breath of fresh air! Now to grade like a maniac and post grades and then keel over and go to sleep! I am permanently sleep-deprived! But the Russian lit students did such a fantastic job with their final papers. I am so pleased with their work. They left such sweet notes for me.  I now know why I came to America: it is to teach 19th century Russian Literature to Lock Haven students! That was my karma!

I still have mountains of grading to do, but the mere knowledge that tomorrow I don’t have to teach and can stay home and grade makes me feel like my summer has already begun. For instance, when I came home this afternoon, I didn’t immediately start to work–I could have–my daughter is at school and I could have just worked–but I didn’t. I folded laundry. I cleaned the kitchen. I cleaned the turtle’s cage. I made the turtle a wonderful lunch of finely chopped fresh strawberries and bananas. I ate some myself. (not finely chopped–but as nature intended them to be eaten.) What a semester this was; I felt ambushed under work all the time. Summer does not look much different either–I still have lots of editing, grants and other sorts of writing to do, but it will all be more manageable. I look forward to watching endless movies, reading new books–and rereading all of Marquez. I want to teach Marquez next. Most of all, next week, I want to plant all my vegetables, and work on my gardens.


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