Posted by: gdevi | April 25, 2014

Buds and Things

What a beautiful afternoon and evening. I came back from work as soon as I finished teaching, dropped off all the duplicating stuff at duplicating services, took all the stuff to the library that needed to be taken over, and came right home around 3pm. The yard person had come earlier today and cleared out all the winter debris–the fallen branches the dead bushes etc and the final residual dried up leaves. I spent the last three hours cleaning the yard. D is at extended track practice and K is at work. It was so wonderful to be outside for an extended period of time after god knows how many months. I cleaned up my perennial bed. All of my plants have come back up: the beebalms, the daisies, the primrose, the peonies, the sedum, the phlox. Ah, I am so happy! There is nothing like pulling up weeds from winter-soaked soil. Where are you, earthworms? I wanna see you. I have to work on the bed some more and feed it and mulch it properly. I am thinking of transferring some plants somewhere else–watch out, yard, I might make another bed!– and plant some more new perennials in this bed. I think I am turning into Martha Stewart!! (Sorry Kathy and Alan!) What a supersweet mystery of life the buds on my forsythias, apple trees, the rhododendrons! For the first time in so many months I am sitting on the porch looking at the slowly burgeoning green and purple. It is all so beautiful. April is the most beautiful month of the year! Next week is the last week of class and then it is finals–light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and work on the garden.


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