Posted by: gdevi | March 20, 2014

Little Green

Nic had a meeting, and Michael was at work, so I was over at Nic’s house watching Jacob earlier in the day.  Jacob is all of six months old now. He has grown up to be such a sweet sweet boy! So Jacob and Aunt G. — as Nic and Michael have christened me — had a great time pushing all kinds of buttons on many many things this afternoon. Jacob is very very strong now, the same kind of awkward strength that made my daughter pull my nosering off of my nose when she was ten months old. Jacob can hold his head up and sit very nicely now, so we played this game where we sat on the floor and took turns pushing an orange giraffe back and forth. Jacob was positively mesmerized by the orange giraffe.  He bent it all the way down to the floor. He was also fascinated by my red scarf. He tried to eat it several times. Then we played peekaboo with the red scarf. Then we played another game, where he sat on my legs and I bounced him up on my knees–my daughter used to love this one–and every time Jacob went up in the air, his sweet little mouth would break into the sweetest smile. Jacob has a very unique smile; really, he does. I know a lot of babies, but I have not seen this kind of smile on any other baby. It is a shy smile, like he is searching you. Very sweet boy. Of course, I held both of his hands, and he loved this bouncing game. The dogs all came and sat with us, except for Toby, who does not like all the attention given to Jacob these days. So anyway Bella came and sat with Jacob and I while we played the bouncy game. I think Bella wanted to bounce as well.  She tried to sit on my lap as well. Monty came and inspected everything, wagged his tail and walked away. Then we drank milk, changed diaper, and then Jacob fell asleep on my chest for nearly two hours. It was so comfortable. Sound asleep, fast asleep. His sweet little face against my neck. I don’t think there is anything sweeter than the feeling of a baby’s cheeks against yours. I can’t wait for you to walk, Jacob; we can walk everywhere. While Jacob slept, I watched Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares on very low volume. Even so, I cannot believe just how ghastly and rude Gordon Ramsey is to these people who ostensibly have dirty kitchens. I mean, man, he is just obnoxious, period.

It is the spring equinox, but you can’t tell by looking at the weather outside. It is cold, frigid, dimly gray with a slight spattering of rain. Perfect time of the day to make two eggs sunny side up and eat it with good toast with plenty of butter and cafe au lait. Happy Spring, everyone!

Here is the Google doodle for today. They are doing well with their doodles, aren’t they?

Spring Google Doodle


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