Posted by: gdevi | January 15, 2014

Before work begins

Today I took care of Jacob while Nic finished committee work at school, and Michael was at work as well. I spent most of the afternoon at Nic’s house.  Jacob is 4 months old now, and just a sweet sweet boy. He was perfectly content to lie in my arms the whole time. He now looks intently at you, and can smile at you with recognition. He is also very strong. He is learning to grasp. He would grasp my fingers with his little perfect fingers.

Timothy Tim has ten pink toes.

Ten pink toes have Timothy Tim.

They go with him wherever he goes

The ten pink toes and Timothy Tim.

He would try to grasp the metal buttons on my sweater. I would smile at him, and he would smile back a minute later. He is in the pre-babbling stage where he tries to repeat after you when he hears sounds. He loved pat-a-cake pat-a-cake baker’s man/ bake me a cake just as fast as you can/ pat it and shape it and mark it with B/ and put it in the oven for baby and me. I had not sung these lullabies since Dayani was a baby. Jacob is a content baby.

Later in the evening, around 4:30, after Nic and Lisette finished their work, SueAnn came over as well, and we celebrated our belated christmas and new year. It was wonderful. Nic made this wonderful big salad and bread, Lisette made this delicious spaghetti with nuts and raisins and olives and cherry tomatoes, I made roasted eggplant with tomatoes, and SueAnn made a peach and blueberry crostata for dessert. Totally delicious! I think we are getting awesomer with our dishes. We exchanged our gifts after dinner, each of us taking turns holding Jacob while we opened gifts. SueAnn, Nic and Lisette liked the gifts I got them. And SueAnn gave me this beautiful blue pottery candle holder and a gift certificate for a hot stone massage (totally awesome, SueAnn! Maybe I will pass out and die there!), Lisette gave me this gorgeous Tree of Life stoneware dish, and Nic gave me this beautiful beautiful beautiful hundred percent wool handmade woven belt with a beautiful leaf pattern –fair trade artisans from Peru — something that I would never ever buy for myself and can only get as a gift! — a terrific cookbook, and two gorgeous pieces of pottery– a stoneware dish, and a ceramic bread warmer. Thank you, N, L and S; these are all lovely things that I would never buy for myself, ever. So I appreciate your thoughtful and generous gifts! I want to try and see if I can embroider the Tree of Life you gave me this summer, Lisette! Merry New Year!

And it is back to work next Tuesday.


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