Posted by: gdevi | January 7, 2014

Arctic amusement

Because of the arctic freeze in the northeast, my daughter has no school today. She has been amusing herself with a new “experiment.” Boil water in a measuring cup, then take it outside and fling it. The hot water freezes and turns into tiny crystals and the whole thing looks like a mist. It is rather beautiful. So far, we have flung many cups of water outside.

I made some wonderful waffles from scratch for her with strawberries and bananas. It is so cold here it is unbelievable. I had kept the turtle’s woodshavings and bark soil etc in the garage and I went out to get it and it was frozen solid. Unbelievable. I am so thankful for my sweaters–I just love them. I have had these thick norwegian sweaters–I have had them since grad school–they are twenty three years old but indestructible and beautiful–remember the metal clasps? A Thing of Beauty–and I have to tell you there is nothing like a good thick hundred percent wool norwegian sweater for arctic days. I feel so warm. That and spiced apple cider.

PS: It is too cold to go to the library to do the fullscale research, but I have to note here the latest linguistic oddity: “unfollow.” My daughter has an “app” that allows her to “unfollow” something or someone. I was too stunned with the verb to follow the rest of the predicate exactly. Unfollow? Unfollow?


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