Posted by: gdevi | January 3, 2014

Winter in Saint Come, Quebec

Yesterday, we had my students Amanda and Lindsey over for dinner. Amanda looked after our house, the turtle and the fish when we were in Quebec. Lindsey graduated last year and is in Americorps now doing community work and is visiting for a few weeks; she goes back to the west coast next week. It was so lovely to see Amanda and Lindsey. I made rice, naan, dal, cauliflower/ potato/ bell pepper curry, cucumber raita, and salmon with creole spices; goes well with south Indian cooking. Amanda and Lindsey and Krish had wine–Santa Cristina Toscana– and D and I had sparkling cider. We had creme brulee cheesecake for dessert. Amanda and Lindsey both loved Daisy way too much; usually our guests are afraid of Daisy because of her size–she is as big as a little pony–though she is as harmless as a baby. So anyway, Daisy was in seventh heaven because Amanda and Lindsey allowed her to act like an (80 pound) lap dog! A lovely evening. Dayani, I hope you will stay friends with Amanda and Lindsey when I am dead. They are very good young women.

I am finally getting around to posting our Quebec (Saint Come — the /o/ needs a circumflex at the top, which I can’t do on this wordpress editor–and “come” is pronounced like “dome” – IPA: /sæŋ kom/) pictures.

Nusia’s nativity.20131227_130746
Nusia’s kitchen has this beautiful old wood stove they found on a hill. Yvan repaired it and now it works beautifully. IMG_1149
Nusia’s woods start right behind their house IMG_1152
Winter in Saint Come IMG_1154
Ah, the implements!!! Snowshoes waiting for feet! IMG_1160
Loucka, Zachary, Maxim and Dayani made a cave underneath a dome of snow in the frontyard. 20131227_132452
In the woods in our snowshoes. The orange tags mark the path to the cliff, over a mile up the mountain, and back. 20131227_134752
In the woods. 20131227_134759
In the woods. 20131227_140828
Blue sky in the woods. IMG_1162
At the top of the cliff. That was a steep drop. Put your weight on your snowshoes, kids! IMG_1167


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