Posted by: gdevi | December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Daisy looked so sad when I left her at Dr. Livingstone’s boarding this morning. We are leaving for Montreal early tomorrow morning to spend a week with my aunt. It is about an eight hours drive from PA; go on 15N to Corning to Syracuse, then take 81N across the border to Canada, then straight scenic drive through Ottawa and into Quebec. We are taking Jesse with us because she is the second oldest dog now and she has a bad hip; we didn’t want to board her. So Daisy is by herself with Dr. Livingstone. I don’t know what she is thinking. Daisy, I hope you don’t think I left you there. I will come and get you on the 30th, okay? And other than this trip to see valliamma, I am not planning to go anywhere anymore (other than conferences, that is–but you won’t be boarded then); so I won’t board you, okay? I miss you, my little wolfie. It would be wonderful to see my aunt again; she will get to see K and D as well this time. A little French Canadian Indian Swiss Christmas!

I am so tired of Christmas already. I went to the mall this morning to get these nice corduroy dress pants for my aunt–I had bought a pair for her several years ago and she likes them a lot, so I wanted to get her a couple more. It is cold and rainy here, and the massive snow storm we had last week is sort of melting away now, but incredibly slushy and icky. So anyway, it was so disconcerting, on my way back from the mall, just at the entrance ramp to 99N on Shiloh Road there was this man standing in this awful rain and cold in his rain slickers holding a sign for this store Kitchen Collection that is going out of business. It was terrible to see. To me, scenes like this is the clear index of the worst aspects of capitalism. The man was in his early thirties, obviously someone who desperately needs money and who does not mind standing in this awful cold and rain to hold up a Going-out-of-business sign for a few dollars. You know, if you are going out of business, just go out of business. You are going out business, aren’t you, so why try to maximize your profit by sending someone to stand in the rain to lure cars from the interstate to buy your mixing bowls cheap?

And throughout the mall here, everyone says Happy Holidays. Nobody says Merry Christmas anymore; I guess it is politically incorrect. That is right; why talk about the baby born in Bethlehem who chased the moneylenders off when you can talk about Santa Claus with his gifts?

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Here are some lovely Christmas songs

Mary’s Boy Child-Oh My Lord

The First Noel

The Little Drummer Boy

I believe in Father Christmas What a terrific amalgamation of Lt. Kije Suite!


The night before traveling for Christmas. I cleaned house, set the timer for the turtle’s basking light, did laundry, packed, put away laundry etc. My student Amanda is looking after the house, the turtle and the fish tank. Thank you, Amanda; special present from Montreal! I was like you; I used to housesit for my teachers all the time when I was in grad school; the Beards, Libby Rankin, Jim McKenzie, Elizabeth Hampsten, my friends the Brekkes–I must write a book about my housesitting and petsitting adventures when I get some time. Your teachers’ houses are good places to housesit; you read the same books! Thank you again; feel free to read anything, to eat anything. Mi casa es su casa!

This evening D and I dropped off little Jacob’s first Christmas gift. He has grown so much — 3 whole months! — and is absolutely scrumptious! Merry merry merry Christmas my darling Jacob! I could hold you forever in my arms!


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