Posted by: gdevi | December 15, 2013

A Colorado Christmas

I posted the grades for all of my five classes and three independent studies just half an hour ago. Boy, that was so much work. Now I have to finish the WE guide for the UWC committee, first. When that is done, Najat and I have to quickly pick images and a cover for our book for the press. Then I have to finish revising the Mahasweta Devi article. Somewhere in here I have to put up the christmas tree, and do all that stuff too. Amazing.

Sometimes I wish I just could go somewhere far far away from America. From Christmas, from the songs, from the commercials, from the malls, from all the green and red platitudes. I was so disturbed to hear of the school shooting yet again in Colorado today. Every December, it seems, and it is ironic, but we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by killing children, and then engage in totally dishonest public debate about gun control etc. It is so hard to live here, really. Every day, you read the news, and you hear these totally phony people going on and on about phony things, and you feel less enthusiastic about life, in general. It is a terrible predicament for any thinking human being.


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