Posted by: gdevi | November 27, 2013

Jennifer Grout at Arabs Got Talent 2013

I don’t know if you have been following the Arabs Got Talent contest; it is sort of like the American Idol, Arab version. There is a fantastic young American oud player and singer competing at this event. Her name is Jennifer Grout. She is from Boston. She does not speak a word of Arabic, but she plays impeccable Arab oud, and sings perfectly in Arabic.

Here is her first auditioning performance for the judges in Lebanon. Notice how they are amused at first and soon embrace her wholeheartedly. You are awesome, Jennifer!

There is a commercial video at this YouTube site before Jennifer’s performance comes on. Don’t skip it. Watch it. It is probably on a shuffle, so it might not be on all the time. It is for an American group that wants continued sanctions in Iran. It is ugly. It is not about Egypt, but about Iran. In other words, the folks who opted to post this drivel at this website probably do not know the difference between Egypt, Arab and Iran. I am sure they want to say something about Islam, so who cares if it is Egypt or Iran or Tunisia, right? Maghreb? Mashreq? Who cares? So I must note here the mental ugliness it takes to post it at this site where a young American has internalized an entire Arab culture and sings its song just like Arabic was her first language. Bravo to the crooks who posted this commercial!

Here is the great Umm Kulthum singing “Baeed Anak” the song Jennifer sang in the above video. You can see how note-for-note perfect Jennifer’s rendering of this song is. You are totally awesome, Jennifer Grout!


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