Posted by: gdevi | November 23, 2013

A productive day

Today we took the food that the students had raised towards the Haiyan relief efforts to the LBC Express Courier and Cargo service, which is shipping relief packages to the Philippines free of shipping charge this month. The nearest LBC Express to us in PA is their main warehouse in Secaucus, New Jersey about 3.5 hrs from Lock Haven. The traffic between East Stroudsberg, the Delaware Water Gap and the PA/NJ border was bad, but other than that it was a straight drive on I-80 East. The cargo people were very friendly and took our boxes with pronounced goodwill. The seven boxes of food, the 3 cases of water, and the one box of medicines and toiletries will serve someone somewhere in the Philippines. There were several people there dropping packages off. That was so good to see. Thank you, LBC Express, for your courtesy shipping service. Thank you, students, for your good work. Perhaps next year we can see if we can do some sort of service project in Cebu City.

It is the first proper snow day in LH today. Finally.


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