Posted by: gdevi | November 13, 2013

Disaster Relief for Typhoon Haiyan

For LHU students, staff and faculty:
Hello, all:

I trust that you are keeping well. I am writing to ask your help with raising funds and food donations to the survivors of the Philippines typhoon disaster. See pictures here.

Typhoon Haiyan — or super typhoon Yolanda, as the locals call it–has destroyed almost every infrastructure in the nation. Death toll is tallied at approximately 2000 at this point, with approximately half a million people displaced and homeless. A colleague, who teaches at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City in Cebu, 90% of which has been reduced to rubble by the 200 mph winds, described life in her hometown now as “despairing,” and “frightening.”

There are two ways in which you can aid the Typhoon disaster relief efforts underway at LHU organized by our student groups and affiliated offices.

1. Monetary donations: I am collecting checks made out to the American Red Cross, one of the largest aid units now on ground in the Philippines. You can donate any amount to the American Red Cross; checks preferred. Please send the checks to me in Raub 302. The students and I will be dropping them off at the American Red Cross office (State College) next week. Please make your checks out to the American Red Cross.

2. LHU’s MountainServe will be placing boxes in the teaching buildings to collect food donations later today and early tomorrow. We are collecting the following items:

Bottled water
Dried/ smoke/ canned fish
Canned foods of any kind
Dried/ canned beans
OTC Medicines (not damaged or expired) and Medical supplies

Clothes and shoes are NOT needed. Water, food, medicines–this is the dire need.

Please see what fits in to your budget this Thanksgiving season.

If you advise a student group, please see what they can do to help. Please have them contact Bianca Hoffman at

Sincere thanks to Lauren Wright and the students of the MountainServe program, Jodi Smith and the Student Activities Office, Kenny Hall with the Office of Excellence and Inclusion, Dwayne Allison with the Dean of Students, Michael Heck and the Residence Hall staff, and all other faculty, staff and student colleagues who are helping with the drive.

Thanks again for your help.

Dr. Gayatri Devi
Department of English
Coordinator, Women and Gender Studies
Lock Haven University
Lock Haven, PA 17745
Tel: 570-484-2284


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